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Montreal Nightlife Options for Corporate Events

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Widely agreed to be one of the top party destinations worldwide (most recent sources including Lonely Planet and Unfinished Man), the first word that comes to mind when pondering Montreal’s nightlife is more likely to be ‘wild’, than ‘corporate.’ However, recently named the best city to hold an international event by The Union of International Associations, Montreal is a port city nexus for business as well as nightlife—although there is no reason the two need be mutually exclusive.

Here are just a few nightlife options to consider for your corporate event in Montreal:

Restaurants and Supper Clubs

Service Canada reported that sales in Montreal’s restaurant industry skyrocketed 70% in recent years, and with thousands of culturally diverse restaurants to choose from, you are sure to find a variety of eateries perfectly suited to your corporate needs. If you want to do something out of the ordinary, consider Montreal supper clubs for entertaining clients with hip taste, or even for conferences and meetings.

Elite Nightclubs

As well as supper clubs, you may not have known that with the right connections, it is easy to find sophisticated Montreal night clubs that are happy to accommodate a variety of corporate needs, including reserving private spaces or even entire venues. Talk to the premier Montreal Event Planners to find the perfect venue for your night club needs, as well as take care of all the tedious details involved in planning your event.

Lounges and Pubs

For milder nightlife options, consider an ambient jazz club like widely acclaimed Upstairs, or a relaxed café bar like Café Republique (one of many fine establishments to offer companies the option to reserve rooms or the entire restaurant).

This is just a small taste of what Montreal’s vibrant nightlife has to offer, with other options ranging from enriching cultural performances and festivals to exciting sporting events to comedy clubs and much more!


Crowd enjoys an event finale at a Montreal night club.

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Corporate Event Trends for 2013, Part 2: Keeping up with the Millennials

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

For the first part of this article, go to Part 1: Sustainable Solutions for Businesses and the Environment.

Trends are not born in a vacuum, but are informed by one another and the current socio-economic landscape. So, as with green and locally focused trends, so too are millennial-related trends informed by a budget-conscious, result-oriented focus on the future.

Corporations are starting to take notice of millennials (Generation-Y births from aprox. 1982-2000), and this coming year will see many trends related to this generation’s entrance into the workforce. With the retirement of many baby boomers on the horizon, it is anticipated that millennials will be quickly acquiring leadership positions, and many corporations this year will be catching on to the fact that new approaches to productivity and communication will be required.

New Approaches to Employee Recognition

Ivey Business Journal noted the millennial need for increased and new methods of feedback, including individualized employee recognition. They also note that feedback must be given in a way that millennials are receptive to. Many corporations will be utilizing such methods in 2013, offering bigger incentives to fewer, exceptional employees.

Events Dictated by Purpose, not Tradition

Last year’s trend towards eschewing events that only seem to occur “because it’s time” in favor of unique events revolving around a clear purpose will continue to gain popularity amongst savvy baby boomers looking to communicate with a less traditional, more individuality and creativity-oriented generation. There will be an increase in for instance team building activities, which are thought to be suited to millennials.

Innovative and Increased use of Technology

While it may seem obvious that corporate events need to keep up with ever-increasing advancements in technology, thanks to tech-savvy millennials, they need to simply get better at it—and fast. Predictions for increased use of video, social media, holograms, and a slew of technological advancements that haven’t even dawned on most of us yet, will be important for planning corporate events that are educational and engaging for tomorrow’s future business leaders.

Youthful venues like Montreal night clubs will be become an increasingly popular event choice for millennial-savvy employers.

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Corporate Event Trends for 2013, Part 1: Sustainable Solutions

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Corporate events are often planned many months or a year in advance, so when it comes to staying on top of the latest industry trends, corporate event planning should far from be an exception…Especially  for 2013, a year anticipated to yield many trends with a future-focused agenda.


Sustainable solutions will continue to ‘sustain’ as a big trend in 2013. The advantage of choosing eco-friendly options for your corporate event is not only that it will have sustainable benefits for the environment, but sustainable benefits for your business. Employees and clients will more easily become engaged with your event and message if it is presented to them through the lens of an ideology they trust and care about. Furthermore, cutting down on waste, by for example, asking attendees to RSVP (via email!) to minimize wasted food, minimizes budget spending as well as environmental harm.


The eco-friendly practice of choosing events close to attendees, as well as enriched by local culture, will continue to rise in 2013. Travel for corporate getaways or other events is also anticipated to be more immersed in the local culture of destinations, perfectly suited to culturally lively and eclectic cities like Montreal.  Locally produced foods is gaining steam from various other related food trends forecasted for 2013, including sustainability and “über-convenience”(as seen in the market report “The magnificent seven food trends to 2013″ released by

Though our continued budget-conscious times will continue to have an impact on events planning strategies, corporations are thought to be planning as many if not more events for 2013, as echoed in an annual Corporate Event Marketplace Study survey by Special Events. Thus, meticulous event planning and orchestration, guided by forward-thinking trends, will be vital as ever to ensuring that corporate event yield manageable ROIs and other positive outcomes.

To read more futural projections on next year’s future-focused trends, go to Corporate Event Trends for 2013, Part 2: Keeping up with the Millennials.

With a culture passionate about gastronomy and a wealth of unique activities and festivals, Montreal-based companies should capitalize on the increasing trend towards local focus.

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Choosing a Theme for your Corporate Event

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

As successful corporate event planning depends on careful attention to a myriad of details, even deciding where to start can be overwhelming.

Theme selection is a great starting point for conceptualizing an event, as many other details can be planned through the lens of your theme; whether you are planning  a conference, getaway, or other corporate event. Here are some elements to consider when selecting your event theme:

1- Purpose 

Some events like holiday parties may have a self-explanatory purpose, but even holiday parties themselves can tie in a useful announcement or message about your company. Your purpose may be related to certain workplace skills you would like to develop upon, via organizational development tactics, team building exercises, motivational speeches, and more. Whatever the purpose of your event, you should think of a tagline that reinforces it, as well as relates to your theme. This can be put on banners, invitations, woven into speeches, etc.

2- Brand

While the details of your event should be planned in accordance with your theme, they must do so in a way that is condusive to your brand. For example, distributing cigarette-shaped candies at a family event for a nicotine patch company would be inappropriate (however suited to the theme).

3- Attendees

Considering your audience is another important and helpful factor in determining your theme. For example, a staff largely verging on golden years may not be interested in a ‘street-smart’ themed event with break dancers and graffiti.

Your theme can be resonated in event planning details ranging from beverage and food selection, to decor, attire, entertainment, seating cards, and much more. Experienced Montreal Event Planners can skillfully commit to your theme in a manner that is original, meticulous, and result-oriented.


Acrobats can really take a circus theme to a whole new level of event planning!

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Employee Recognition Ideas for Effective Results

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Employee recognition is not just about getting staff members to like you or feel rewarded. Effective employee recognition requires setting out specific qualifications for recognition, making it clear to employees that rewards are being given for specific accomplishments or behaviors, not  because of an automatic, scheduled lottery, favoritism, or any other reason.

Once the specific guidelines have been outlined, you can then host quarterly, annual, or less expected, special events wherein employees (who already received a personalized thank-you letter for their efforts) can be recognized, in a manner that will not only reinforce that behavior, but boost overall staff morale. 

Team Building Exercises

In addition to award ceremonies, team building activities are a great way to reward employees with a break away from the office, as well as improve on areas for concern. Discern which skills most need sharpening, and make that the criteria for determining your team building exercise. If you know the problem but are having trouble deciding the right solution, talk to the expert Montreal Event Planners for ideas.

Employee Award Events

While employee recognition should not feel predictable or computer generated, employee award events should involve and engage all members of your team. Having an employee recognition luncheon or dinner at a top-notch Montreal restaurant or other stimulating environment is the first step towards ensuring that no members of your team will feel they would rather have been left at work than watch their fellow staff members be rewarded.

Award recognition ceremonies should also involve restating the qualifications for the rewards, and incorporate some sort of team building exercise or motivational speaker that will further bolster the positive qualities or skills that the awards set out to reinforce.

Talk to Montreal’s premier corporate event planners to ensure that employees are rewarded in a thoughtful manner that will boost staff morale, bolster productivity levels, and maximize your return on investment.

Treat staff to a fun employee recognition soirée to make sure all team members feel valued.


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Eco-Friendly Options for Your Corporate Event

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Incorporating eco-friendly practices into your corporate event will boost moral among staff, and confirm to both them and your clients that you have sound business practices that are ethically informed.

There are many ways to plan an event that takes socially responsible efforts to decrease its impact on the environment, while making a lasting impact on attendees.

Businesses are “seeing the light” with energy efficient lighting

Not only are natural light or eco-friendly light bulbs more economical options, they will exude “eco-friendliness” in a way your attendees can both see and feel. Many businesses have warmed up to natural and full-sprectrum lighting, finding value in studies that show energy efficient, full-sprectrum lighting to create benefits among workers such as increased productivity, as well as reduced absenteeism, headaches, and eye strain, a common symptom of improperly lit work spaces (source: “A Literature Review of the Effects of Natural Light on Building Occupants” by NREL). To show your staff you really mean business when it comes to eco-friendly practices, you can announce that upon your return, your business will continue to enjoy the benefits of natural light in the office (by, for example, installing energy efficient, full-sprectrum lighting).

Paper-free presentations and meetings

Using handouts are a waste of paper, money, and time. Instead, take advantage of eco-friendly uses of technology, such as paperless meeting apps for Ipad, etc.

Choosing a destination with eco-friendly options

If you will be traveling for your corporate event, you can compensate for the wasted energy of travel by choosing a destination with ample eco-friendly options. For example, Montreal restaurants offer many eco-friendly fine dining options, serving organic, fresh delicacies that will show your clients you really do “think with your gut.” Aside from Montreal’s progressive inner core, it is also surrounded by areas of plush, largely untouched nature, which would be perfect for a wilderness getaway. If you want to appear fully committed to your eco-friendly theme, chose washable dishes and cutlery in favor of disposable ones, and avoid use of paper napkins in favor of hankerchiefs.

While your corporate event should involve a new environment and some non-work related activities, you should always have a theme for your corporate event that will make it memorable, engage its members on a personal level, and most importantly, have a beneficial impact on your business and how it viewed by your staff and or clients. Having an eco-friendly themed corporate event will accomplish all of the above, as well as promote a worthwhile cause.


Not only will eco-friendly event planning promote future growth for your company and the environment, it can save you money, too.

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A Big-City Corporate Event is a Perfect Opportunity For a Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Team building is a huge buzzword in corporate North America right now, but silly games and ice breakers are not the only way to win employees over and encourage them to work together. The best activities are ones that promote cooperation (of course), but are also engaging, memorable, and enjoyable.

A scavenger hunt is an option that can meet all of the criteria above…if it is done right. Here is the basic setup for this type of corporate event:

  • Employees are divided into teams.
  • They decipher clues and use a guide to the area to find objects, such as statues, buildings, signs, etc. Groups can travel on foot or by limousine.
  • Groups use cameras to take photos and prove they found the objects.
  • The first group to finish the hunt gets a prize (and permanent bragging rights).

If you are a corporate event organizer and think a scavenger hunt could be a good choice for your group, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • These types of activities tend to work best in big cities. You need a place where there are many exciting landmarks and attractions in a relatively small area.
  • If this seems like too much work for you to handle on your own, there are event planning companies in many cities that will do everything for you and customize the setup for your organization.

A final piece of advice for employees and bosses to remember: relax! Don’t get so stressed out about winning or the educational value that you suck all the enjoyment out of this unique and pretty cool corporate event activity.

Bosses (and employees)…now it’s your chance to weigh in! What do you think about a scavenger hunt as a activity during a corporate event? Do you have any other suggestions for team-building activities that are effective and fun?

Visit us on Facebook and Twitter to join the discussion. 

Limo transportation allows scavenger hunt participants to travel in style and comfort

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Building Long-Lasting Relationships

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Ever have clients in town and your job is to close a deal or formulate a long-term relationship with and your job is pretty much to make their time spent in Montreal a memorable one?

Obviously this is an important mission which entails a perfected itinerary that will cover all angles.   You probably spend hours coming up with schedule, calling different venues to make reservations and then after three hours of non-stop planning you look down at your itinerary and see that you’ve only made a dent.

Now, the pressure becomes more realistic.  How are you going to book this “memorable weekend” and get your work done?

At this question, your stress levels are probably rising when a co-worker suggests Montreal Event Planners.  You scoff at the thought that you have to hire someone to do what you can easily do… well maybe not easily but if you put your mind to it… actually only if you decide not to sleep until everything is properly in place probably leading to you having a burn-out.  Okay, maybe this Montreal Event Planners isn’t such a bad idea.   In fact it’s a brilliant one.

Montreal Event Planners can take all your burdens and make you feel like a weight has just been lifted off your back.  All you have to decide is on what you want the weekend to include but even this should not be too difficult because you’ll only need to pick and choose from the range of options listed for you.  Leave it to Montreal Event Planners and you are guaranteed to create a lasting impression to aid in building that long-lasting relationship.

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Corporate Getaways Sure to Impress

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

“Team it is that time again when we commence planning our corporate getaway. Last year’s was less than memorable but I believe this year will be different. Before I assign tasks to be done before that weekend does anyone volunteer to plan the event and will therefore be excused from any projects due before?

Anyone? …..

Okay well I will choose then.  Tom you are awarded with the privilege of planning this year’s corporate getaway.  I expect a proposal on my desk by morning with an itinerary of what you have planned.  Now on with business.”

You start thinking back to Jill who planned the last corporate function and how it failed miserably.  Suspiciously, Jill was laid-off not to long after and now you have to have it all planned out by tomorrow.

Corporate events can be stressful for anyone especially for the event planner.  You’re thinking about wanting to please your co-workers, impress your bosses and create an enjoyable atmosphere for all who will be attending.

Corporate functions should be a time to team build and network among those in and outside of the organization.  So, next time instead of creating a Jill event call or book online with Montreal Event Planners to ensure your event will lead towards a promotion instead of a suspicious lay-off.

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Montreal Sporting Events and Corporate Events

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Sporting events are also popular Montreal corporate events. Staff members get to take in their favorite sport, and attending a sporting event is more affordable and involves less planning than other types of corporate events.

Sporting Events in Montreal

If you’re coming to Montreal, there are a multitude of sporting events to choose from. Some of the types of sporting events you may want to consider attending during a corporate event or getaway include:

  • Hockey games: Watch the Montreal Canadiens participate in an exciting match on their home ice.
  • Football games: Montreal is also the home of the Alouettes. Pass an afternoon watching a football match at the Percival Molson Memorial Stadium.
  • Soccer games: Come to the Saputo Stadium to watch the Montreal Impact soccer team in action.
  • And many more, including the Montreal Highland Games and the Montreal Motocross, just to name a few!

Montreal Event Planners: Sporting Event Services

Montreal Event Planners can make attending any type of sporting event stress-free. First, we can help you secure tickets for sporting events for everyone in your group. Simply tell us how many people will be attending and the type of seating you would like. We’ll do the rest! In addition to getting you tickets, we can also get you access to exclusive services and areas that are not available to or accessible by members of the general public. Contact us to learn more.

Posing in front of a car during Montreal Grand Prix

Models dressed up for Montreal Grand Prix

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