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Montreal Corporate Getaway Idea: Food Lovers Theme

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

If your stomach is the way to your heart, share your passion with executives or staff with a ‘Food Lovers’ themed corporate getaway in Montreal, a fitting  destination both for its varied and passionate gastronomy. Renowned for blending inspired varieties of cultural influences and creating exciting, avant-garde culinary experiences, Montreal chefs employ multifarious and exquisite taste, sure to impress food lovers of all inclinations—and who doesn’t love food?

Getaway ideas

• Enjoy world-class fine dining at a customized selection of top Montreal restaurants, lounges, or supper clubs. Montreal Event Planners has the knowledge and connections to recommend ideal dining settings for your itinerary, providing you with reservations to Montreal’s most exclusive and well-reputed dining establishments. Whether you are looking for gourmet catering, dining, or to book an entire room or restaurant in one of the city’s best venues, Montreal Event Planners will ensure you experience our beloved culinary capital to the fullest.

• Delight your staff with an elegant dinner cruise along the St. Lawrence for a unique experience of Montreal and its cuisine. Invigorate your staff with the full sensory experience of Montreal with music an dancing.

• Take cooking classes with a world-renowned chef at a Montreal restaurant. Idea: show your staff you care about them and the environment by taking organic cooking classes.


Corporate getaways are known for invigorating staff with a renewed sense of purpose, actualizing creative potential among staff members that would otherwise have remained untapped at the office. Well known for being an artistic and passionate city, these traits are emblemized by Montreal’s culinary culture, which is sure to provide a spirit-lifting and creativity inducing theme for your corporate getaway.

• Thank your staff. Staff who feel appreciated and part of a team will feel a stronger sense of community and loyalty, fostering improved team building skills and increased productivity for your business.

Montreal Event Planners are proud of Montreal, and proud of the fact we can offer you the best of it. Talk to us about how we can take immaculate care of all the details concerning your Montreal corporate getaway.


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