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Common Types of Montreal Corporate Events

Monday, August 8th, 2011

There are many different types of corporate events. Some are intended to increase awareness of a company’s services and products, and some are held just for fun. The most common types of corporate events are:

  • Corporate getaways: These corporate events are a way to give workers a break from the office and offer them a chance to get to know each other in a relaxed, laid back atmosphere.
  • Team building exercises: Effective collaboration and teamwork are crucial to the success of many companies, so team building exercises are corporate events that benefit both workers and employers.
  • Conferences: Often educational in nature, conferences and conventions are corporate events during which workers learn about new developments, proper practices, and other important business topics.
  • Fundraisers: These corporate events are essential for charitable groups, as they are a way to earn the funds that allow them to continue operations. Traditional corporations are increasingly making it a priority to support various causes, so fundraisers are important events for these businesses as well.
  • Product launches: Whether it’s a new type of software or brand of soft drink, product launches can help increase awareness of a new item on the market and, in turn, boost sales.

No matter what type of corporate event you are planning, we can help if it is being held in Montreal. Because of our ability to develop customized itineraries and arrange for VIP services, press coverage, and appearances by pro athletes, Montreal Event Planners is the company corporations turn to for help with all types of events.


A limousine scavenger hunt can be an effective team building exercise during a Montreal corporate event

Having a blast at a club during a Montreal event


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Montreal Event Planners: Our Fundraising Event Services

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Montreal Event Planners: Our Fundraising Event Services


Fundraisers are important corporate events for both charitable and for-profit companies. Non-profit organizations rely on fundraisers to help them continue operations, while for-profit companies donate the money collected through fundraisers to a variety of charitable causes. Planning a fundraiser can be a complex endeavor, but Montreal Event Planners offers comprehensive event planning services for fundraisers. We can:

•    Book banquet halls: Based on the number of guests you are expecting and the type of fundraising event you have in mind, we can book banquet halls in Montreal that will be perfectly suited for your event.

•    Set up fine catering: If you’re serving a meal or snacks at your fundraiser, we can work with a great caterer to make sure that only the most delicious, highest-quality food is served.

•    Secure press coverage: One of the best ways to get the word out about your fundraiser is to have it covered by one or more members of the press, and Montreal Event Planners can make sure this happens.

•    Arrange for appearances by pro athletes: Attract a larger number of guests by featuring a special guest speaker. We can help you arrange for special appearances by professional athletes, something that will create a lot of buzz about your event.

•    Accommodate special requests: The services mentioned above are the most common types offered for fundraisers, but they are certainly not the only ones. Montreal Event Planners can also accommodate virtually any number of special requests to make your fundraiser a smashing success. Contact us to tell us exactly what you have in mind for your next fundraiser.

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Fundraising Event

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Montreal Event Planners will be participating in a fundraising golf tournament created by the Montreal Chamber of Commerce. The tournament will have a hole sponsored by Montreal Event Planners, and complimentary gifts will be awarded. It is scheduled for late May and will take place at “Le Club de golf de la Vallee du Richelieu”. We maintain an active role in local interests while also providing services for those looking to set up fundraisers in and around Montreal.

Contact us to find out how we can arrange and set up your fundraising event.

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