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Montreal Skiing for Your Corporate Getaway

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Though some of you will want to throw things at me for bringing it up, the good news about winter’s imminent approach is that it’s only a few short months until Quebec ski season! That means it’s a great time to start planning your corporate getaway ski weekend.

Corporate getaways are designed to be rejuvenating, breathing new energy into your team and improving communication amongst employees—and nothing says “new perspective” and “fresh air” like standing atop one of the breathtaking peaks in Quebec!

When is Montreal’s ski season?

Ski resorts in Quebec are open by the third week in December (though some open as early as late Novemember), and are closed by mid-late April. While you should  find optimal conditions throughout the ski season, it’s a good idea to check weather conditions for Quebec ski areas beforehand, just to be sure).

Where to ski

Montreal and its surrounding areas offer some of the most popular ski destinations in Canada. Eastern Canada’s most impressive peak, Mont Tremblant, is located in the scenic Laurentians. Lesser-known Mont Blanc is right nearby, offering the same breathtaking backdrop for a smaller budget. A very trendy ski area just North of Montreal, Saint Saveur offers a selection of 5 different ski resorts. For expert skiers only, the Mont-Sainte-Anne Ski Area is a must, boasting the highest vertical drop for night-skiing in Canada.

Skiing is a refreshing change from the classic golf getaway, and the advantage of adrenaline-pumping activities is that they can really do wonders for building team-work and creating a happy and productive work atmosphere. In an energetic city like ours, there are of course a variety adrenaline-pumping  Montreal activities to choose from, whatever season you are visiting. While Canada has a few other top ski destinations, the advantage of coming to Quebec is that you have two exciting cities (Montreal and Quebec City) close by! Well renowned for their vibrant nightlife, festivals, and restaurants, a stay in Montreal will ensure that the excitement level of your group doesn’t drop at the end of the slopes.


Awe-inspiring Mont Tremblant

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Montreal for a Corporate Event

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Resplendent with its own unique rendering of European charm, one of the most frequent words used to describe Montreal is vibrant—and it’s sure to fuel energy into your team during your corporate getaway, retreat, or event.

Here are top 4 reasons to visit Montreal for your company’s corporate event:

#4:  Affordability

Montreal is more affordable when compared to other large Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver, with a much lower cost of living, as seen in the Mercer Cost of Living Index and many other evaluations.

#3: Golf

Boasting the birthplace of golf in North America, Montreal is home to the Royal Montreal Golf Club, founded in 1873, which rated #10 Golf Courses in Canada by It plays host to a wide variety of well reputed golf courses in the Montreal and Mont-Tremblant region.

#2: Cultural Climate

Montreal has a lively cultural climate, and keep residents and visitors active with a rich array of festivals, attractions, and activities throughout the year. Maybe believe this is one of the reasons that Montreal is often praised as a “happy” city, as seen on, where Montreal ranked one of the 10 happiest cities in the world.  So often celebrated for its spirited and enriching atmosphere, it’s easy to see why a trip to Montreal could do wonders for the stress and productivity levels of your employees.

 #1: Montreal Restaurants

One of the cities in world with the most restaurants, Montreal also offers an impressive variety of culinary experiences, each type of which has an avid and passionate following. With so many fine dining options available, Montreal is sure to offer the perfect setting for taking out a client, toasting your employees, or any number of dining experiences during your corporate getaway.

With so many options for Montreal restaurants, Montreal activities, and Montreal nightlife, planning a corporate event can be very overwhelming.  Montreal Event Planners can ensure you have reservations at the very best restaurants this culinary capital has to offer, and will ensure every detail of your itinerary is meticulously planned, incorporating the city’s best options from A-Z.

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Building Long-Lasting Relationships

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Ever have clients in town and your job is to close a deal or formulate a long-term relationship with and your job is pretty much to make their time spent in Montreal a memorable one?

Obviously this is an important mission which entails a perfected itinerary that will cover all angles.   You probably spend hours coming up with schedule, calling different venues to make reservations and then after three hours of non-stop planning you look down at your itinerary and see that you’ve only made a dent.

Now, the pressure becomes more realistic.  How are you going to book this “memorable weekend” and get your work done?

At this question, your stress levels are probably rising when a co-worker suggests Montreal Event Planners.  You scoff at the thought that you have to hire someone to do what you can easily do… well maybe not easily but if you put your mind to it… actually only if you decide not to sleep until everything is properly in place probably leading to you having a burn-out.  Okay, maybe this Montreal Event Planners isn’t such a bad idea.   In fact it’s a brilliant one.

Montreal Event Planners can take all your burdens and make you feel like a weight has just been lifted off your back.  All you have to decide is on what you want the weekend to include but even this should not be too difficult because you’ll only need to pick and choose from the range of options listed for you.  Leave it to Montreal Event Planners and you are guaranteed to create a lasting impression to aid in building that long-lasting relationship.

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Corporate Getaways Sure to Impress

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

“Team it is that time again when we commence planning our corporate getaway. Last year’s was less than memorable but I believe this year will be different. Before I assign tasks to be done before that weekend does anyone volunteer to plan the event and will therefore be excused from any projects due before?

Anyone? …..

Okay well I will choose then.  Tom you are awarded with the privilege of planning this year’s corporate getaway.  I expect a proposal on my desk by morning with an itinerary of what you have planned.  Now on with business.”

You start thinking back to Jill who planned the last corporate function and how it failed miserably.  Suspiciously, Jill was laid-off not to long after and now you have to have it all planned out by tomorrow.

Corporate events can be stressful for anyone especially for the event planner.  You’re thinking about wanting to please your co-workers, impress your bosses and create an enjoyable atmosphere for all who will be attending.

Corporate functions should be a time to team build and network among those in and outside of the organization.  So, next time instead of creating a Jill event call or book online with Montreal Event Planners to ensure your event will lead towards a promotion instead of a suspicious lay-off.

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Montreal Sporting Events and Corporate Events

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Sporting events are also popular Montreal corporate events. Staff members get to take in their favorite sport, and attending a sporting event is more affordable and involves less planning than other types of corporate events.

Sporting Events in Montreal

If you’re coming to Montreal, there are a multitude of sporting events to choose from. Some of the types of sporting events you may want to consider attending during a corporate event or getaway include:

  • Hockey games: Watch the Montreal Canadiens participate in an exciting match on their home ice.
  • Football games: Montreal is also the home of the Alouettes. Pass an afternoon watching a football match at the Percival Molson Memorial Stadium.
  • Soccer games: Come to the Saputo Stadium to watch the Montreal Impact soccer team in action.
  • And many more, including the Montreal Highland Games and the Montreal Motocross, just to name a few!

Montreal Event Planners: Sporting Event Services

Montreal Event Planners can make attending any type of sporting event stress-free. First, we can help you secure tickets for sporting events for everyone in your group. Simply tell us how many people will be attending and the type of seating you would like. We’ll do the rest! In addition to getting you tickets, we can also get you access to exclusive services and areas that are not available to or accessible by members of the general public. Contact us to learn more.

Posing in front of a car during Montreal Grand Prix

Models dressed up for Montreal Grand Prix

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Common Types of Montreal Corporate Events

Monday, August 8th, 2011

There are many different types of corporate events. Some are intended to increase awareness of a company’s services and products, and some are held just for fun. The most common types of corporate events are:

  • Corporate getaways: These corporate events are a way to give workers a break from the office and offer them a chance to get to know each other in a relaxed, laid back atmosphere.
  • Team building exercises: Effective collaboration and teamwork are crucial to the success of many companies, so team building exercises are corporate events that benefit both workers and employers.
  • Conferences: Often educational in nature, conferences and conventions are corporate events during which workers learn about new developments, proper practices, and other important business topics.
  • Fundraisers: These corporate events are essential for charitable groups, as they are a way to earn the funds that allow them to continue operations. Traditional corporations are increasingly making it a priority to support various causes, so fundraisers are important events for these businesses as well.
  • Product launches: Whether it’s a new type of software or brand of soft drink, product launches can help increase awareness of a new item on the market and, in turn, boost sales.

No matter what type of corporate event you are planning, we can help if it is being held in Montreal. Because of our ability to develop customized itineraries and arrange for VIP services, press coverage, and appearances by pro athletes, Montreal Event Planners is the company corporations turn to for help with all types of events.


A limousine scavenger hunt can be an effective team building exercise during a Montreal corporate event

Having a blast at a club during a Montreal event


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Montreal Product Launches

Monday, August 1st, 2011

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, product launches have become sophisticated, carefully-planned corporate events. A good product launch will create the right image of a new product, increase awareness among consumers, and lead to lasting success and strong sales. If you’re planning a product launch, you may want to consider Montreal as a potential location. Aside from being recognized as a fashion capital, Montreal is also a major player in the video game industry, graphic design, and engineering. In addition, this Canadian city is the headquarters of Montreal Event Planners. We can arrange the following aspects of your next product launch to help make it a success:

  • Venues and catering: Montreal Event Planners can find a suitable banquet hall or other venue for your product launch. We can also work with the city’s finest catering companies to arrange for an exquisite lunch, a fine dinner, or tasty snacks.
  • Promotional staff: We have connections with professional companies that employ staff members who know how to promote your product.
  • Multimedia equipment: Need a projector or a screen for your presentation? Just let us know. We’ll make sure the equipment you require is there and ready to go.
  • Appearances by pro athletes: Create extra buzz about your product when you tell everyone the name of the well-known professional athlete who will be attending your event. We can make it happen.
  • Coverage by the press: We can make sure that reputable members of the press will be there to cover your product launch, which is one of the best ways to get the word out to the public.


Create hype for your product with a great venue and outstanding entertainment

Ladies at one of the countless events flawlessly executed by Montreal Event Planners


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Top Tips for Montreal Corporate Getaways

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

When your staff members return from a Montreal corporate getaway, you want them to come back as a refreshed, more cohesive team — one that is ready to tackle pressing business issues. Unfortunately, poorly-planned corporate getaways can be expensive Montreal events that accomplish very little. Following these three tips can help you realize the main objectives of your corporate getaway.

#1 – Get out of town: Holding a corporate getaway just a few miles from the office is a bad idea for several reasons. There’s a chance that employees will simply go home at night, so the atmosphere won’t be much different than a regular day at the office. Also, if you’re hoping to solve a major problem or develop a new strategy during the corporate getaway, getting everyone away from their normal surroundings is an excellent way to get them to truly focus on the task at hand. On top of all that, going to a place they’ve never been will make the corporate getaway seem like more of a treat to employees than a chore.

#2 – State your expectations: There are rules at the office, so there’s no reason why a few can’t be established during a corporate getaway as well. Outline your expectations at the beginning of the event, or even several days or weeks in advance. Drinking, drug use, and “sleeping arrangements” are all things you might want to address.

#3 – Make the getaway a mix of business and pleasure: A well-balanced itinerary for a corporate getaway can include meetings, seminars, and business discussions. Just be sure to throw in plenty of enjoyable Montreal activities as well.

If you are interested in learning more about the corporate getaway services offered by Montreal Event Planners feel free to contact us with your inquiries and concerns!


Montreal Event Planners can make musical entertainment part of your corporate getaway


Spending some down time at the clubs during an event in Montreal

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Customized Itineraries for Montreal Corporate Events

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Not all corporate events are created equal! Some are designed to be relaxing Montreal corporate getaways. Others are intended to allow employees to focus and really get down to business, while others are held to promote a product or network with potential clients. At Montreal Event Planners, we recognize that no two corporate events are alike, which is why we will develop a unique itinerary based on your exact needs. Some aspects of your corporate event itinerary we can customize include:

Montreal activities: You know your attendees much better than we do, so tell us how they’d like to spend their days. We can arrange for a relaxing walking tour of Montreal’s historic district, plan for your group to take part in an intense afternoon of white water rafting, or set up a private dinner cruise.


Activities such as golf can easily be included in your customized Montreal corporate event itinerary

Business events: We can help you find the perfect venue for your product launch or Montreal conference, and get you the equipment you’ll need for the day.

Dining: Catering for a huge product launch or conference? We can take care of that. Want to schmooze with clients over a four-course dinner and a bottle of red wine? Montreal Event Planners can get you the best seats in the house at some of the city’s finest restaurants. If you’re planning a staff dinner, why not rent the entire restaurant or an expansive banquet room? Montreal Event Planners can do that too!

Nightlife: Our personal hosts will travel with your group so you can enjoy Montreal’s nightlife in style. When you’re with us, nobody in your group will ever have to wait in line or pay a cover charge.


We can show you the sophisticated side of the Montreal nightlife during your corporate event



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Montreal Corporate Event Dining

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Montreal Corporate Event Dining

Good food is almost always a part of top-notch corporate events. If you have never been to a city, however, it can be hard to know which restaurants serve the best cuisine. Montreal Event Planners can help you choose the best fine dining establishments for your event.

A beautiful restaurant

One of many elegant restaurants in Montreal

We can:

Get you exclusive reservations at the most renowned restaurants: If you want to treat your employees during a corporate getaway or go out to celebrate a successful product launch, we can arrange for your group to dine at one of the city’s finest French restaurants. With over 5,000 restaurants in Montreal, French food is of course far from your only choice in the North America’s gourmet capital. Let us know what you’re craving, and we’ll arrange for preferred seating, VIP service, and, of course, fabulous food.

Arrange for gourmet catering: Don’t just serve boring sandwiches at your next conference or fundraiser. Wow everyone there by having your corporate event professionally catered by one of the best restaurants in Montreal.

Book a room or an entire Montreal restaurant for your event: If you’re planning a special corporate dinner or party, why not hold it right in the restaurant? We know which restaurants in Montreal have private rooms that are suitable for this type of event. In some cases, we may even be able to book the entire restaurant for you. You and your staff will have the facilities and the skills of a talented gourmet chef all to yourselves. This setup is also ideal if you plan to enjoy some music or another form of entertainment during dinner.

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