Choosing a Theme for your Corporate Event

As successful corporate event planning depends on careful attention to a myriad of details, even deciding where to start can be overwhelming.

Theme selection is a great starting point for conceptualizing an event, as many other details can be planned through the lens of your theme; whether you are planning  a conference, getaway, or other corporate event. Here are some elements to consider when selecting your event theme:

1- Purpose 

Some events like holiday parties may have a self-explanatory purpose, but even holiday parties themselves can tie in a useful announcement or message about your company. Your purpose may be related to certain workplace skills you would like to develop upon, via organizational development tactics, team building exercises, motivational speeches, and more. Whatever the purpose of your event, you should think of a tagline that reinforces it, as well as relates to your theme. This can be put on banners, invitations, woven into speeches, etc.

2- Brand

While the details of your event should be planned in accordance with your theme, they must do so in a way that is condusive to your brand. For example, distributing cigarette-shaped candies at a family event for a nicotine patch company would be inappropriate (however suited to the theme).

3- Attendees

Considering your audience is another important and helpful factor in determining your theme. For example, a staff largely verging on golden years may not be interested in a ‘street-smart’ themed event with break dancers and graffiti.

Your theme can be resonated in event planning details ranging from beverage and food selection, to decor, attire, entertainment, seating cards, and much more. Experienced Montreal Event Planners can skillfully commit to your theme in a manner that is original, meticulous, and result-oriented.


Acrobats can really take a circus theme to a whole new level of event planning!

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