Corporate Event Trends for 2013, Part 2: Keeping up with the Millennials

For the first part of this article, go to Part 1: Sustainable Solutions for Businesses and the Environment.

Trends are not born in a vacuum, but are informed by one another and the current socio-economic landscape. So, as with green and locally focused trends, so too are millennial-related trends informed by a budget-conscious, result-oriented focus on the future.

Corporations are starting to take notice of millennials (Generation-Y births from aprox. 1982-2000), and this coming year will see many trends related to this generation’s entrance into the workforce. With the retirement of many baby boomers on the horizon, it is anticipated that millennials will be quickly acquiring leadership positions, and many corporations this year will be catching on to the fact that new approaches to productivity and communication will be required.

New Approaches to Employee Recognition

Ivey Business Journal noted the millennial need for increased and new methods of feedback, including individualized employee recognition. They also note that feedback must be given in a way that millennials are receptive to. Many corporations will be utilizing such methods in 2013, offering bigger incentives to fewer, exceptional employees.

Events Dictated by Purpose, not Tradition

Last year’s trend towards eschewing events that only seem to occur “because it’s time” in favor of unique events revolving around a clear purpose will continue to gain popularity amongst savvy baby boomers looking to communicate with a less traditional, more individuality and creativity-oriented generation. There will be an increase in for instance team building activities, which are thought to be suited to millennials.

Innovative and Increased use of Technology

While it may seem obvious that corporate events need to keep up with ever-increasing advancements in technology, thanks to tech-savvy millennials, they need to simply get better at it—and fast. Predictions for increased use of video, social media, holograms, and a slew of technological advancements that haven’t even dawned on most of us yet, will be important for planning corporate events that are educational and engaging for tomorrow’s future business leaders.

Youthful venues like Montreal night clubs will be become an increasingly popular event choice for millennial-savvy employers.

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