Corporate Event Trends for 2013, Part 1: Sustainable Solutions

Corporate events are often planned many months or a year in advance, so when it comes to staying on top of the latest industry trends, corporate event planning should far from be an exception…Especially  for 2013, a year anticipated to yield many trends with a future-focused agenda.


Sustainable solutions will continue to ‘sustain’ as a big trend in 2013. The advantage of choosing eco-friendly options for your corporate event is not only that it will have sustainable benefits for the environment, but sustainable benefits for your business. Employees and clients will more easily become engaged with your event and message if it is presented to them through the lens of an ideology they trust and care about. Furthermore, cutting down on waste, by for example, asking attendees to RSVP (via email!) to minimize wasted food, minimizes budget spending as well as environmental harm.


The eco-friendly practice of choosing events close to attendees, as well as enriched by local culture, will continue to rise in 2013. Travel for corporate getaways or other events is also anticipated to be more immersed in the local culture of destinations, perfectly suited to culturally lively and eclectic cities like Montreal.  Locally produced foods is gaining steam from various other related food trends forecasted for 2013, including sustainability and “über-convenience”(as seen in the market report “The magnificent seven food trends to 2013″ released by

Though our continued budget-conscious times will continue to have an impact on events planning strategies, corporations are thought to be planning as many if not more events for 2013, as echoed in an annual Corporate Event Marketplace Study survey by Special Events. Thus, meticulous event planning and orchestration, guided by forward-thinking trends, will be vital as ever to ensuring that corporate event yield manageable ROIs and other positive outcomes.

To read more futural projections on next year’s future-focused trends, go to Corporate Event Trends for 2013, Part 2: Keeping up with the Millennials.

With a culture passionate about gastronomy and a wealth of unique activities and festivals, Montreal-based companies should capitalize on the increasing trend towards local focus.

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