Corporate Getaways Sure to Impress

“Team it is that time again when we commence planning our corporate getaway. Last year’s was less than memorable but I believe this year will be different. Before I assign tasks to be done before that weekend does anyone volunteer to plan the event and will therefore be excused from any projects due before?

Anyone? …..

Okay well I will choose then.  Tom you are awarded with the privilege of planning this year’s corporate getaway.  I expect a proposal on my desk by morning with an itinerary of what you have planned.  Now on with business.”

You start thinking back to Jill who planned the last corporate function and how it failed miserably.  Suspiciously, Jill was laid-off not to long after and now you have to have it all planned out by tomorrow.

Corporate events can be stressful for anyone especially for the event planner.  You’re thinking about wanting to please your co-workers, impress your bosses and create an enjoyable atmosphere for all who will be attending.

Corporate functions should be a time to team build and network among those in and outside of the organization.  So, next time instead of creating a Jill event call or book online with Montreal Event Planners to ensure your event will lead towards a promotion instead of a suspicious lay-off.

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