Eco-Friendly Options for Your Corporate Event

Incorporating eco-friendly practices into your corporate event will boost moral among staff, and confirm to both them and your clients that you have sound business practices that are ethically informed.

There are many ways to plan an event that takes socially responsible efforts to decrease its impact on the environment, while making a lasting impact on attendees.

Businesses are “seeing the light” with energy efficient lighting

Not only are natural light or eco-friendly light bulbs more economical options, they will exude “eco-friendliness” in a way your attendees can both see and feel. Many businesses have warmed up to natural and full-sprectrum lighting, finding value in studies that show energy efficient, full-sprectrum lighting to create benefits among workers such as increased productivity, as well as reduced absenteeism, headaches, and eye strain, a common symptom of improperly lit work spaces (source: “A Literature Review of the Effects of Natural Light on Building Occupants” by NREL). To show your staff you really mean business when it comes to eco-friendly practices, you can announce that upon your return, your business will continue to enjoy the benefits of natural light in the office (by, for example, installing energy efficient, full-sprectrum lighting).

Paper-free presentations and meetings

Using handouts are a waste of paper, money, and time. Instead, take advantage of eco-friendly uses of technology, such as paperless meeting apps for Ipad, etc.

Choosing a destination with eco-friendly options

If you will be traveling for your corporate event, you can compensate for the wasted energy of travel by choosing a destination with ample eco-friendly options. For example, Montreal restaurants offer many eco-friendly fine dining options, serving organic, fresh delicacies that will show your clients you really do “think with your gut.” Aside from Montreal’s progressive inner core, it is also surrounded by areas of plush, largely untouched nature, which would be perfect for a wilderness getaway. If you want to appear fully committed to your eco-friendly theme, chose washable dishes and cutlery in favor of disposable ones, and avoid use of paper napkins in favor of hankerchiefs.

While your corporate event should involve a new environment and some non-work related activities, you should always have a theme for your corporate event that will make it memorable, engage its members on a personal level, and most importantly, have a beneficial impact on your business and how it viewed by your staff and or clients. Having an eco-friendly themed corporate event will accomplish all of the above, as well as promote a worthwhile cause.


Not only will eco-friendly event planning promote future growth for your company and the environment, it can save you money, too.

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