Employee Recognition Ideas for Effective Results

Employee recognition is not just about getting staff members to like you or feel rewarded. Effective employee recognition requires setting out specific qualifications for recognition, making it clear to employees that rewards are being given for specific accomplishments or behaviors, not  because of an automatic, scheduled lottery, favoritism, or any other reason.

Once the specific guidelines have been outlined, you can then host quarterly, annual, or less expected, special events wherein employees (who already received a personalized thank-you letter for their efforts) can be recognized, in a manner that will not only reinforce that behavior, but boost overall staff morale. 

Team Building Exercises

In addition to award ceremonies, team building activities are a great way to reward employees with a break away from the office, as well as improve on areas for concern. Discern which skills most need sharpening, and make that the criteria for determining your team building exercise. If you know the problem but are having trouble deciding the right solution, talk to the expert Montreal Event Planners for ideas.

Employee Award Events

While employee recognition should not feel predictable or computer generated, employee award events should involve and engage all members of your team. Having an employee recognition luncheon or dinner at a top-notch Montreal restaurant or other stimulating environment is the first step towards ensuring that no members of your team will feel they would rather have been left at work than watch their fellow staff members be rewarded.

Award recognition ceremonies should also involve restating the qualifications for the rewards, and incorporate some sort of team building exercise or motivational speaker that will further bolster the positive qualities or skills that the awards set out to reinforce.

Talk to Montreal’s premier corporate event planners to ensure that employees are rewarded in a thoughtful manner that will boost staff morale, bolster productivity levels, and maximize your return on investment.

Treat staff to a fun employee recognition soirée to make sure all team members feel valued.


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