Planning Don’ts for a Corporate Halloween Party

Have you harvested your brain for corporate Halloween party ideas and come up short? If you want to make sure your Halloween party is scary good and not scary bad, here are some idea don’ts for a corporate Halloween party:

DON’T throw it in the office.

They see that place enough, and not one of them wants to clean up all that glitter the next day (or rather, continually, for weeks). One of most lucrative aspects of any corporate event is the new perspective that is gained from a new environment, and staff parties should be no exception…Especially in a city as haunted with Halloween activities and nightlife options as Montreal!

DON’T bob for apples.

Women’s costumes will get wet, some will either get upset over ruining their costumes, or worse, get hooted at for being a ghost that’s a little too transparent afterwards. While most women would be fine with this kind of a thing, it’s wise to just avoid the token female who will ask “What male chauvinist came up with this as a game? Why didn’t we just have a wet t-shirt contest?”

DON’T enforce a dress code or overly rigid theme.

While you should have a theme for every corporate event, Halloween is all about anti-conformity, and dressing however you want, with no repercussions. If everyone (many of whom are busy at work 5 to 7 days of the week) are forced to all go out and find a particular kind of costume (especially of an overly specific type), it will feel as though their job is basically asking them to not only work, but pay for no compensation…Plus, its just less fun. A theme for your Halloween party is fine, but the theme should either be optional for attire or be loosely open to interpretation.

By the way, it’s October 16th and you are still trying to plan your Halloween party??? Don’t worry, we can arrange your flawless corporate event with so little notice, it’s spooky.

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