Attractions and Activities

Activities can bring added energy and focus to your event, or if you’re looking to entertain a client, they can be your opportunity to communicate your company’s attitude and commitment to a fellow executive. We can take care of arrangements for anyone of these activities, by going through us you can also get reduced rates on dozens of local activities; we’re also willing to listen to any special activities you may have in mind.


golf in montreal

A cornerstone of the business world, the golf trip has always been the best way to bond and share ideas with fellow executives. The open air and sun in one of the city’s more “high-caliber” courses can sharpen you and your group up for the day ahead and start things off on the right foot with a client. Limo rides are available since the best courses are often just outside the downtown core, and extra luxuries such as champagne or cigars can be included.

White-Water Rafting and Jet Boating

montreal rafting

The island of Montréal is surrounded by marinas. For those looking for some adventure and fun, a rafting trip down the Lachine rapids can give you that surge of adrenaline you’ve been looking for. Jet-Boating can be for those who want a bit more control, and may wish to take their time along the historic lakeshore sites.

Walking Tours

old montreal

Spend some time exploring Old Montreal on a guided tour of this historic district. This can be your groups’ opportunity to get some group photographs and do a little shopping, before spending the rest of your time at your event.


paint ball montreal

Has Fred in accounting been giving you a hard time? Then some time shooting at one another may help cut the tension. We can set-up your group at a massive indoor or outdoor paintball field complete with debris and war-torn ambiences. This can make for an especially interesting team-building activity during your stay in Montreal, pitting several teams against one another to develop better coordination and personal development.


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