Montreal Nightlife

Montreal night life can be best experienced by visiting the trendiest clubs, while at the same time enjoying VIP status at some of the best nightclubs without dealing with lineups or cover charges.

The Experience

Montreal's nightlife is not only uniquely centralized, but also diverse. It doesn’t matter whether you are a high-end connoisseur, a partygoer, or simply in the mood to meet new people, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Considered by as having one of the best nightlife districts in the world, Montreal has hundreds of clubs with musical tastes ranging from jazz, blues, rock, classic, house, fusion, or dance. If you just want to relax, enjoy a martini or share a pint with the gang at one of the city's many bars.

Montreal's nightlife is divided into roughly four different areas; each has its own unique appeal.

Crescent Street, Bishop Street, Ste-Catherine Street West

montreal nightlife

Perhaps best known are the Crescent and Bishop Street areas, popular for their upscale restaurants, nightclubs, strip clubs, cafes, and boutiques; this is considered the center of the city's nightlife. Also, the "Crescent Strip" plays host to most of Montreal’s year-round festivals and events that offer live outdoor shows. You can always find many great pubs to visit along with the continually packed dance clubs.

Le Plateau Mont-Royal

montreal plateau

The Plateau is considered one of the hippest neighborhoods in town. Filled with every kind of bar or club to suit anyone's preferences, the plateau is ideal for allowing everyone to have a good time.

The Latin Quarter

montreal latin quarter

The Latin Quarter offers a little something for everyone. This area is known for its relaxed attitude and francophone influence. There are many bars specializing in locally brewed beers and clubs catering to international flavor. During the summer months this area transforms into the host of Montreal Jazz Festival. Millions of people frequent this event and partake in a culture festival unlike any other. You'll also find the famous Just for Laughs comedy festival held every July.

Gay Village

montreal gay village

Known as "The Village", you'll find lots of great bars, clubs, and restaurants in the village. You'll also find that this area accommodates gay and straight people alike, all of which are accepted in this neighborhood. Whichever spot you choose, you'll always be close to that vibrant and active night life for party goers and wanting adults.



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