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As a whole, Quebec is recognized as a unique culinary experience; the provinces history is a mish-mash of French, British, and Eastern European influences and Montréal is where all these different food styles come together. Much like New Orleans, it’s the French background that leads the style and flare of the city. Montreal is proud of its roots and showcases them in the form of culinary invention.

For the discriminating pallet

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If your group is particular to expensive wines and strong bodied cheeses followed by brilliantly prepared Haute cuisine, then the city’s most esteemed restaurants will impress. Many chefs in Montreal believe in the importance of giving the right presentation with their creations, which in turn gives your events’ meal a great flare.

Quebec has a burgeoning wine industry, with many winemaking techniques past down in families who’s ancestors traveled to Quebec when it was an early French colony. Since only a few areas in the southern regions offer the right climate to support the ideal grapes, most wines from Quebec are sold in small quantity. This is in stark contrast to the selection of fine cheeses available in Montreal, which come from all across the Quebec countryside and is recognized as some of the finest in the world; Oka, Bleu Bénédictin, and Bouq Émissaire, all originated here.

Local Montreal delicacies

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People living in Montreal have a wide variety of more urban delicacies they enjoy that are unique to the city. There isn’t anyone in Quebec who hasn’t had Poutine, gravy topped over french-fries along with cheese curds, a popular fast food that’s begun moving to other parts of Canada and the U.S. The Montreal Bagel is another regular part of many people’s breakfasts; it’s similar in appearance to a New York style bagel, but is prepared differently giving it a unique taste. Smoked-meat is a Montreal staple, prepared best in a handful of famous delis, some in operation for over 98 years.

There are over five thousand restaurants in Montreal, which consist of eighty different types of cuisines from all over the globe.No matter the type of event you are hold Montreal VIP Event planners will make sure that it is catered by the finest restaurants in Montreal. Everyone in attendance will Experience why Montreal is considered the gourmet capital of North America. There are many fine dinning options available:

  • Exclusive restaurant reservations at all the best places
  • Gourmet catering from the best restaurants
  • Book a private room or the entire restaurant for your event


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